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The answer is simple; Joomla is among the leading content management systems. It came in 2005, and since then there have been several upgrades in terms of features, functionality, and speed. Features like feeds, pools, blogs, page caching, RSS search, enhance the overall appeal of Joomla.
Since we firmly believe that Joomla is an excellent platform to create your website, thus we offer extensive Joomla web development services at Miraculous Soft Solutions. Our years of experience in developing Joomla projects of various sizes allow us to create, effective, efficient and bug-free website within minimal time and budget.

How is Joomla Helpful?

Know it Key features and benefits before hiring Joomla Developer

It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to interact with. Below, we have listed the top five reasons to help you make an informed decision regarding Joomla.

Award-Winning CMS

Despite having WordPress and several other content management systems out there, Joomla has been able to make its mark by getting an award. It allows you to build outstanding, robust and powerful websites along with other online applications in a smooth manner.
In the last 13 years, Joomla has been able to win around 20 awards due to its reliability and effectiveness.

Open Source Software

Joomla is an open-source, free website and online application development platform. It allows you to download the source code and make changes to it according to your requirements. The unrestricted rights to the software itself free the user from the fear of lock-in systems. Of course, to make changes to the core functionality, you will need expert developers such as ours. Our skilled and experienced Joomla developers are fully informed regarding the ins and outs of Joomla; they will modify it to your needs and might even improve its features to benefit other developers.


Another thing that makes Joomla universal is its multilingual aspect. It offers development in more than 75 languages. From the very start, you can install a language of your choice. This allows teams from diverse cultures to work effectively and efficiently.
They are able to communicate seamlessly and the good news is that you do not need coding knowledge in order to change the text to suit your requirements.


Security is among the leading concerns in the digital world. However, with Joomla, you can be at ease. To ensure high-level security, Joomla comes equipped with two outstanding security measures.
B-Crypt Algorithm: To make sure that hackers are not able to access your passwords, Joomla incorporates a hashing algorithm to scramble all your passwords in the database.
2 Factor Authentication: Joomla offers an inbuilt 2 Factor Authentication feature. Every time an unauthorized access person tries to access your website, a 2FA temporary code will be sent to your mobile phone. To access the administrator interface of your website, you will need to enter the security code sent on your mobile phone.
In addition, you can use security and monitoring extensions developed by other developers to take your website security to a completely new level.

More than 7, 000 Extensions

Joomla has more than 7,000 extensions to provide you unique, and out of the box experience. These extensions will accommodate your unique website needs, it will allow you to add several features while keeping the design of your website smooth and resourceful.

Excellent User Interface and SEO Friendly

You will not be able to find another CMS that offers as many feature-rich templates as Joomla does. Joomla makes it possible for you and your organization to choose a website template, customize it according to your business requirement and implement your brand and web-operational strategies meritoriously.
In addition to being SEO friendly, Joomla is completely mobile responsive. It means you will be able to keep a close check on your website via your tablet or smartphone regardless of the time or location.

Our Joomla Web Development Services

We at Miraculous Soft Solutions excel at developing powerful online Joomla application and full-fledged websites. Our skilled Joomla developers will ensure that you get a highly robust and responsive product with very little effort and in minimum time.
We offer the following Joomla Development services:

Seamless Installation and Configuration in Joomla
Robust Joomla Website Development
Custom website application development
Conversion of PSD to Joomla
Designing in Joomla
High-level Joomla Customization
Development of Joomla Templates
Theme Development in Joomla
Customization of Themes and Templates
Plugin Developments and Plugin Customization
Joomla SEO Services
Support and Maintenance