Xamarin App Development

Xamarin Mobile App Development

Xamarin Mobile App development platform transforms conventional portfolios to efficient, robust, modular apps that decrease the time to market for new updates. Being an expert mobile app development, we always rely on the cutting-edge technologies to yield better results – Xamarin being one of these technologies.
We firmly believe in delivering greater business alignment, return on investment, and customer engagement for your applications. After all, we are a team of experts who thrive to make the impossible, possible.

Next Generation App Development

At Miraculous, we try to manage complex and diverse apps at a lower rate while improving time to market. We also work on enabling rapid response to requests. It means, with technologies, our Xamarin developers are able to add new requirements and functionality seamlessly.

Xamarin App Development Process

You Create Your Thoughts

While developing the Xamarin app, how the way our Xamarin app developers are specialize to write all of you thought in a single language but achieve native performance, look, and feel on each platform.

Xamarin App Upgradation Services

Despite Xamarin to be easy to use the platform, the app up-gradation always requires a professional touch. Thus, we suggest you, our experts to handle all your app up-gradation for Xamarin. We have experience in managing the complex tasks, ensuring that they become simple and robust.
After all, an application free of the complex tasks would perform more efficiently and effectively.

App Migration Services

Xamarin being a powerful mobile app development tool, it is but natural that you would want to migrate your application onto it. If that is the case, we are the perfect solution to your problem. Miraculous has helped numerous clients migrate their application from a number of platforms to Xamarin.
In addition, it is extremely easy to port Xamarin apps to other platforms, further enhancing the ease of use and its customization ability.

Test Services

Even though Xamarin reduces the time to market, yet you need to allow professionals to test your application well-before the launch. Allow us to perform comprehensive testing, thus ensuring that your application is bug and error-free.

Enterprise App Development

Xamarin is a versatile platform, allows app development of all kinds and types. With the Xamarin enterprise app, all problems related to your business are solved. Our experienced programs can design and develop apps that would connect to different portals.
These apps would be able to manage massive databases, thus ensuring extended functionality.

Custom App Development

Any custom Xamarin application developed by Miraculous will fully encompass all your business demands. It would also be bug-free and highly responsive.
The reason being, we communicate with all our clients comprehensively. We always keep them in the loop and to ensure the credibility of our application we follow a key development process.

Application Modernization

We aim at continuously modernizing all your Android and iOS applications to ensure that they support your business agility. We employ proprietary tools along with unique methodologies to find the best approach for app modernization as well as to assess the portfolio of your application.

UX and Visual Design

Being the leading Xamarin Mobile app development company, our UX/UI teams play a vital role in ensuring that the apps are fully responsive and technically feasible. In addition, they make sure that these apps are well within the constraints of the desired project.

Xamarin Consulting

We not only provide custom Xamarin app development, but we also streamline and upgrade the existing applications. We would thoroughly review these apps, make them bug-free and robust. As, it is our aim to provide better quality mobile solutions even for the already developed projects.

Integration Services

We offer top-notch Xamarin app integrations services, ranging from back-ends, cloud to API. Our expert designers, engineers, and developers have covered it all.

Xamarin Game Development

Our fully equipped and experienced developers are well versed in designing and developing top-notch quality games for both Android as well as for iOS devices. So, if you have an idea of a game, allow us to turn that idea into a reality.

Xamarin Windows App Development

In addition to creating unique, robust, and responsive apps for Android and iOS, our developers are fully equipped to develop top-notch Xamarin window applications. All our applications would be fully compatible to be used with a number of Windows variations.
Moreover, they boost the cross-platform features, thus resulting is limited development costs. We are able to create a cost-effective solution using Shared C Sharp that comes with the ability to be used across platforms.

Support and Maintenance

We are keen on making a difference; therefore, we are always available for our past, present, and future clients. We provide constant updates to our current clients, add new features, and ensure the smooth working of the application.