Swift App Development

Swift iOS App Development

Being the leading Swift app development service provider, miraculous offers top-notch iOS Apps designing and development services. We create applications that would be a perfect fit for our consumers and their requirements.

We have superior programmers and developers onboard who assure that every application produced by us is of premium quality. We thrive on implementing leading-edge technologies into our iOS application development.
So, regardless of the idea, or its complexity, it is our top priority to turn your ideas into reality. After all, we have been developing the best iPhone applications for several years now. Some of our popular niches include games, music, social media, etc.

iOS App Development Process

You Create Your Thoughts

Known for its focus on security and intuitive UX, Apple devices are widely used in business and enterprise. To get all the benefits of iOS applications for you, here is the process we follow to create an iOS app using Swift.

Our Expert Swift Developing Teams

We have a proficient team of iOS app developers that have been creating outstanding applications for years now. In addition to having full command in Swift-the leading iOS developing platform, the experts excel in a number of other developing platforms.
We are responsible for every step, starting from gathering requirements to implementation and we have a track of developing some of the leading iOS application for the app store.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Application development

The reason swift has become popular in such a short time is that it allows cost-efficient development while ensuring a faster market. Our experts are able to generate high-quality applications in limited time. They ensure a swifter release cycle, thus allowing the app to hit the store well before the deadline.

Rapid Development Process

Swift is no doubt a clean, easy, and expressive language with simplified grammar and syntax. Our skilled developers take full advantage of the platform. They write concise, and robust codes especially in comparison to Objective-C.
The powerful platform provides Automatic Reference counting. It means that all the app memory management and work tracking is sorted automatically, and developers can work on producing better and enhance codes.

Easier to scale product

Our skilled developers use Swift to develop future-proof codes. Consumers are able to extend or add new features as the need arises. In addition to offering faster development and easier scaling, Swift should be seriously considered as a long-term investment as Apple is more likely to support it, than any other programming platform.

Agile Development Practice

Miraculous is a committed and trusted development company that has adopted an agile development methodology. Our developers are well-equipped and experienced enough to align the business objectives with swift technology.
Our proficient developers deliver on-time and within the specified budget, thus allowing our clients to stand-put in the cutting-edge competition.

Improved Performance and Safety

Swift no doubt is a platform that allows swift programming. However, only experts can fully exploit the platform to yield outstanding results. Our professionals are fully experienced to ensure improved performance and enhance the safety of the applications.
The versatility of the platform that comes from multiple tests and benchmarks conducted by individual developers allows our experts to design simple, and effective applications that perform exceptionally well.

Migration to Swift

Since Swift is the future of any iOS application, therefore, the wise thing would be to take the migration. Of course, you can migrate on your own. However, we do recommend that for seamless migration, you avail of our services.
We have already migrated several applications from other platforms to Swift, thus we would be able to conduct everything effortlessly.

Test Services

It is our aim to develop and produce top-notch and error-free applications for iOS. Thus, we provide a range of testing services to ensure that the apps are bug-free. We perform the UI testing, Unit testing, and several others for app robustness.

Support and Maintenance

Miraculous has always been famous for its outstanding support and maintenance services. We do not stop after deploying your project. On the contrary, we stay in touch with every step. Providing our clients regular updates, fixing any bugs, or overcoming the problems.
We believe in developing long-lasting relationships with our consumers.

Work with Miraculous for Swift App Development

Since iOS app development is our passion, thus we thrive to make a difference and develop only the best applications. We ensure that our applications are able to make a mark in the market. Our developers have experience in designing both user applications, games, and e-commerce apps.

Below are the common categories in which we have developed apps using Swift:-
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Music Apps
  • Home Automation Apps
  • Real Estate Apps
  • Lifestyle Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Health Apps
  • Book Apps
  • Restaurant Apps
  • Food Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • Social Media Apps
  • Social Networking Apps
  • Educational App
  • Fashion Apps
  • Retail Apps