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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

At Miraculous Soft, ones of the areas we specialize in is that of Microsoft Dynamics CRM development. Whether you require help in Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, extension development, consultancy or support and maintenance, you can count on Miraculous Soft. The numbers speak for themselves: as we have garnered 18+ years’ experience in CRM development, built a team of 25+ CRM (certified) developers, logged 25,000+ hours in CRM development and consistently delivered on time 98%. You can therefore entrust your Microsoft Dynamics CRM development project to Miraculous Soft with confidence that the work will be done satisfactorily, on time and on budget.

On the need for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The success of any business depends, to a great extent, on the degree to which it is able to understand its customers and their needs. Understanding the customers and their needs in turn requires thorough (and consistent) collection, management and analysis of customers’ data. It is only when you are able to properly collect, manage and analyze customers’ data that you will be able to start seeing trends that give you insights on who your customers really are, and what their needs are like. And it is precisely for that purpose – of collecting, managing and analyzing customer data – that CRM systems (like Microsoft Dynamics CRM) exist.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you attain high levels of success in your business, regardless of the industry you are operating in. That is because, in a nutshell, when you use Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the right manner, you will get deep insights into your customers’ expectations. And that is important, because your business’ success (and indeed even its survival) depends on how well you are able to meet your customers’ expectations. Yet before you can be in a position to meet your customers’ expectations, you first need to understand them. The customer data you are able to collect, manage and analyze through Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it possible for you to properly understand and subsequently meet your customers’ expectations consistently. If you are consistently able to understand and meet your customers’ expectations, they really have no reason to go shopping elsewhere. Even if they try other vendors/service providers, they are likely to keep on coming back to you – after realizing that only you are able to understand and meet their expectations consistently.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services we provide

At Miraculous Soft, we provide fully integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

CRM implementation

we provide Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation services. Thus, if Microsoft Dynamics CRM seems like something your business could benefit from, yet you don’t know where/how to get started with it, we can help you. We walk with you through the entire journey: from procuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM to installing it (on-premise or on-cloud) to configuring it to training you on its usage… everything to do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.

support and maintenance

we provide Microsoft Dynamics support and maintenance services. Once you implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have to start thinking of ongoing support and maintenance. The level of success you are able to attain through Microsoft Dynamics CRM depends not only on how well you implement it, but also on the quality of support and maintenance you get. At Miraculous Soft, we offer you the highest quality Microsoft Dynamics CRM support and maintenance services.

Dynamics consultancy

we provide Microsoft Dynamics consultancy. We can therefore help you in figuring out how to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM towards the attainment of your business’ goals. We can help you in actually figuring out what those goals are, then understand what the right way to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM is, in order to increase the chances of actually attaining those goals.

extension development

we offer Microsoft Dynamics extension development services. Sometimes, in order to get the best utility from Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you need to use tailor-made extensions (which make it possible to extend the platform’s default/inbuilt features). You only need to give us hints on what you wish to do through Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Then, where possible, we will help you do it through Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s inbuilt features. Where it can’t be done through Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s inbuilt features, we will develop for you the extensions you need to get it done. Either way, we help you to get Microsoft Dynamics CRM to do exactly what you want it to do for you.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM define

How you can define (and attain) business excellence through Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There are at least seven ways in which you can define and attain business excellence through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

customer service

where Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you in understanding customers’ issues properly, responding to them in a timely manner and consistently giving the best solutions that ensure utmost customer satisfaction. This should ultimately translate into better performance for your enterprise.


here Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you improve sales performance (and by extension, your business’ revenues and profitability).


where, when properly implemented, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you in production planning for better efficiency and ultimately better profitability.


where Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you bring together customer data that would otherwise be spread through multiple applications. That is data on things like invoices, deliveries, payments and so on – the end result being better financial management.

project service automation

where Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you in automating a wide variety of project aspects without compromising on the customer experiences.

field service

where Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you in anticipating field service demands, planning and scheduling properly to ensure the best possible customer experiences.


where Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you in understanding market trends, creating effective marketing campaigns and monitoring their effectiveness to ultimately ensure profitability for the business.

At Miraculous Soft, we can walk with you through the entire Microsoft Dynamics CRM journey. That is from analyzing your needs to implementing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics CRM for you and onto providing ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that you get the best possible results from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.